Migrating from OmniFocus to Things

Published on 07/27/10

I’m back on Things and I’m loving it

I had posted previously about my trip from Things to OmniFocus because of much more robust syncing in OmniFocus between the iPhone and my macbook.

In the post I mentioned that I did not enjoy the complexity of OmniFocus compared to Things, but I thought I had to make due with it because of my syncing needs. Well, it turns out my office manager isn’t using OmniFocus at all. I finally got fed up with OmniFocus’s way of doing things and moved back to Things. Syncing with the iPhone still sucks, but I would rather live with bad syncing than software that makes me work too hard to make it work for me.

For those who are interested, I wrote an AppleScript to take the CSV file exported from OmniFocus and create the tasks and projects in Things. Against my better judgement, I am making the script available here in spite of the following reasons for not making available.

  • It isn’t a direct AppleScript but is written in Ruby using the rb-appscript gem.
  • It is far from flawless and I had to double check everything and make sure I had it set up like I wanted.
  • OmniFocus is way too flexible to have a single way of transferring the projects, dates, and contexts into Things. I did what worked for me, but it probably won’t be what others will want.
  • When I am doing a quick script, I write extremely sloppy code (minimal comments), if you know enough to make the script work, it would probably be easier to write it from scratch.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


On 07/28/10 Mark said:

I was reading back through the script and it isn't really too bad. I stopped commenting in the last area so you'll need to figure out what it is doing on your own if you look at it.

Otherwise, if it makes any sense at all to you (if you know what ruby, ruby gems, applescript, and rb-appscript are) it might actually be useful to you.

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