My name is Mark Whitcher. I am a designer, illustrator, and web developer based in Pensacola, Fl.

In 2007, after serving as a designer at A Beka Book for over 13 years, I developed a hosted web publishing system in order to have a flexible platform that I could build websites on while at the same time allowing the site owners to perform site maintenance easily.

My work environment

I build web applications in ruby on rails using two tools for web development—Sublime Text 2 and CodeKit.. For graphics work I use the Adobe Creative Suite.

I use a Mac exclusively (even for Windows work, which only includes browser testing).

A few websites I am involved with


Net-at-hand is the hosted web publishing system that I created after realizing that there are many people who do not live on the internet all day long (like I do) who would not have a simple way to create and maintain a website. So I built a system that would do just that and am positioning it with people who would otherwise not know where to start.

The system comes with many web designs that I have created, but I can also build custom designs for clients. This approach gives those clients the best of both worlds, a great-looking website that is unique to them that is super-simple for them to maintain themselves.


The company I founded in 2007 to start Net-at-hand and web design consulting.


A website I built to try to focus more on my local market with my web design consulting.