Things for iPad

Published on 09/03/10

I saved up my BestBuy bucks and got Things for iPad today. Here are my initial thoughts:

  • It isn’t ground breaking—there isn’t anything about the user interface design, or the application itself that wows me at all. It is a fairly clean implementation of the features found in the desktop application. It actually feels a little cleaner than the desktop application (which is one thing I was hoping for).
  • It feels comfortable—thanks to the iPad’s touch interface, it is much easier going through all my projects and managing all my tasks. I was able to sit with my iPad in bed and go through everything in the list, getting ready for the day tomorrow. It feels much less like an extra chore, and more like actual planning. It feels good.
  • It is making me fall in love with my iPad again—when I got my iPhone 4, the iPad started sitting unused more and more (which was fine because my family started picking it up more and more). Today, between Things and the new Twitter app, I am wanting my iPad with me constantly. I am getting real work done without having to sit at my desk with the laptop.
  • Syncing, please—I really miss OmniFocus’s effortless over the air syncing. The local syncing in Things seems to be working better than it used to, but OF was great. It just worked and I never had to think about it.

All in all I am pretty happy with it.


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