Thanks, Dad

Published on 06/20/10

Today is Father’s Day, and I wanted to take just a minute to honor my Dad here before God and the world (and try to make up for not getting a card sent in time).

I am very thankful to my Heavenly Father for giving me the earthly father that he did.

Since leaving home for college, my dad has been a constant source of wisdom and counsel for the situations that have risen as I try to become a man of God. There have been countless phone calls asking for help about topics ranging from building a relationship with the young woman who became my wife to changing the intake manifold on my 1983 Chevy Monty Carlo to getting rid of credit card debt to raising up my son in the way that he should go.

Dad, there is no way I could put words together that would adequately communicate the blessing you are to me. So I’ll stop talking (before this gets too sappy) and just say “thanks” and I love you.


On 06/20/10 Dad said:

Thanks for the kind words, Mark. I thank God for giving me a SON LIKE YOU. I love you!

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