Reading RSS feeds on the iPad

Published on 05/14/10

Before I got my iPad, I was using my iPhone for reading all my rss feeds. If I was working on my MacBook and needed a quick break, I would read it there, but for the most part it was all on my iPhone.

When I got my iPad, however, most all of my reading started happening on it, instead of my phone. The larger screen is much better for doing this, especially if I ever have to view a real web page. Google Reader has an excellent version of their web application for the iPhone. It looks and works great, and that is where I spent most of my reading time.

However, that same application doesn’t translate as well on the iPad. On the iPhone it is all about maximizing use of the screen. They cram as much as they can in the tiny space. These features in the iPhone though just look awkward on the iPad. Line lengths are too long and it just looks off.

I switched to the desktop version of Reader for awhile, but the click areas are somewhat small and some of the tabs require two taps when it should only be one.

So I broke down and bought NetNewsWire. It is far from perfect but it gives me a pretty good experience for reading so I am happy with it.

Along those same lines, I am using Twitteriffic on the iPad, but I cannot wait for Tweetie to come out with their ipad version (yes, I know it will be called “Twitter” when they do).

Also, it looks like Instapaper tweaked their site today for iPad. The pages have a wonderful margin and are a joy to read. Really like it.


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