New stuff coming on

Published on 01/19/09

There are some big changes coming to in the very near future and I am really excited about them.

One of the biggest is a new plugin architecture that will allow Net-at-hand websites to incorporate all kinds of custom functionality. This will open up the door for many different kinds of business websites. Net-at-hand was originally built for businesses, but the focus was on static content with simple tools to update that content.

Now with the new plugin architecture, we will be able to create everything from e-commerce sites to social networking sites (both of which I am building right now for different clients).

These new things, in conjunction with the reseller accounts, are going to create a killer setup for building client websites. Imagine having a platform that lets you build any kind of website your clients may need and gives you a single login to work on all your client websites through a web interface. Also, you can give your client access to log in and easily update their site, and you don’t need to train them on anything. Pretty cool.


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