I’m on my third iPhone

Published on 07/01/09

The nice FedEx man delivered my third iPhone this morning.

No, I am not upgrading. It’s exactly the same as my last one. My newest one, which was a warranty replacement for my original 3G, started thinking that the headphones were plugged in, even when they weren’t. So any sound that was supposed to be coming out of the speaker, was actually being sent to an imaginary set of headphones.

This would happen when you were taking a call, so that you would try to talk to the person, but you couldn’t hear any sound (it was going to the imaginary headphones).

Not good.

So I called Apple, and they sent me a new phone. I am just finishing up installing iPhone OS 3.0 now. Then I will sync it up and restore it from backup.

I did ask the stupid question to see if I could pay the difference and upgrade to the 3GS. I am sure you already know the answer.


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