Flash Newbee

Published on 10/17/08

Yesterday I took the plunge and purchased Adobe Creative Suite 4—Design Premium. I was blessed to get the upgrade price even though I only owned the education version of CS2.

The main reason I purchased it was because of some animation I will be doing for a website I am working on. I am really looking forward to this site as it will be a nice break from business sites (I am calling the upcoming look “techno-grunge”).

Another thing I am planning on using flash for is creating a new audio player for Net-at-hand sites. I am hoping that the flash player will make playback much more consistent between browsers and remove issues some of the people have been having. I am not real savy when it comes to embedded media on the web so this will be a nice learning experience for me.

Flash is completely new to me. I haven’t used it at all before. It is going to be interesting to see how I can use it on my web pages but still maintaining accessible content in the html. I am never, ever going to build a complete flash site. It goes against what I am all about when it comes to the web.


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