Experiment example

Published on 06/18/08
Experiment example

Here is an example of a logo I did for the experiment I mentioned a couple days ago.

I looked at the contest first thing in the morning, noticed it was ending at 10am and decided to to it. The company I did the logo for offers services to entrepreneurs and venture capitalists for the first stages of a startup.

The problem I had with this entry is that I forgot about it completely until 12 minutes before the entry deadline. I tackled it anyway.

I came up with the idea while I was getting the dogs from outside. By the time I got sat down to work on it, I only had 6 minutes left. So I threw the idea together and uploaded it. Just in time. By the time the screen had redrawn the contest was ended. My logo was the last one done. —Cool.

The version you see here was a rework of what I originally submitted. I just couldn’t leave it in the state it was in. If the contest owner contacts me about it, I will direct them to the rework.


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