creative juices are flowing

Published on 06/20/08

Well, I have to say that this little experiment sure has gotten the creative juices flowing. Today I gave myself 25 minutes to execute an idea I had, though I worked it a little bit differently by reading the design brief last night before I went to be.

I guess I felt too comfortable with the 25 minutes (previously I had only allowed myself between 6 and 13 minutes). So when I went to see how much time I had left, I had only 1 left, and I still hadn’t colored it yet.

So I threw some colors on and tried to submit, but I MISSED IT! It was kind of an adrenaline rush though. Pretty cool.

I took 5 more minutes and colored it properly. I have posted the results of my work in the portfolio, but here they are to see.


I liked the idea too much to just let it go, so I sent the client a private message with a link to my blog so she could at least see it. I might end up getting kicked off the site, but it was still fun!


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