Being a work-from-home dad

Published on 05/21/09

Being a work-from-home is challanging. The hardest challenge is separating work from home, and I am not just talking about work hours from home hours. The fact is—I am always at work. Even if I am not actually doing work at the time, chances are that I am thinking about it or planning something related to it.

When I had a 9 to 5 job it was easy to separate work from home. I never really thought about work while I was at home; it stayed at the office. (Although, to be honest, the home hours of my last year and a half at my 9 to 5 job were spent working on things in preparation for going out on my own.)

In this new world though (I mean new to me), it is way too easy to get caught up in work all the time, and not switch the work brain off when I should be focusing on my family. I was reminded of that fact this morning while cleaning off my (work) desk.

Logan and I are finishing up his first full year of home-schooling today (that would be another long post for another time) and I found a note that my youngest son left for me some weeks back. To my shame, I didn’t really read it when he gave it to me, but I did today and I was smitten in my conscience. I posted the note for you below.

Just a little explanation—my wife’s work hours are going to be reduced this summer from what they are during the school year. She is planning on taking the kids to the beach as often as she can. There are five in our family.

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On 07/16/09 Nate Horton said:

No Kidding. Kids can bring out the worst in us...Actually they just frequently remind us of who we really are. I also find they are the most willing people in the world to forgive me of my neglect towards them. Kids are wonderful. I have 3 adopted, 2 of my own, and 2 foster kids right now. I love all of them to pieces.

On 11/10/09 Sharon Lauke said:

It was always so nice when the FIVE of you could come and give the pool a work-out.

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