AppleCare is the best!

Published on 06/16/09

I have had my iphone for about 6 months, and have loved every minute of my ownership of the phone.

Until yesterday, I had called AppleCare twice to get my earbuds replaced (I had blown out one of the speakers each time). Both times they over-nighted a new pair to me.

This last weekend my iPhone started acting wonky. I would press the volume down button and it would act like I was switching the silencer switch to off. If the phone was in silent mode, the volume down button would not work at all.

Also, when the phone was in sleep mode, the screen would come on every 30 seconds as if I had pressed one of the buttons. The screen would shut off after 7 seconds (as it is supposed to) but would come back on 30 seconds later.

I had gone through and erased everything, doing a complete restore several times (without backing anything up). Even with the phone completely wiped it was still behaving the same. So I knew it wasn’t a software issue. The phone hadn’t been dropped or damaged. It just went on the fritz.

So I called AppleCare yesterday morning and explained the problem to them. Since I don’t live anywhere near an apple store, and I didn’t buy the phone at BestBuy, that was my only option.

This morning I got my brand-spankin-new phone. Everything works and I am happy. Apple had to put a hold on my credit card to cover the cost of the phone if I don’t send them the old one back (at their expense), but that wasn’t a big deal. I highly recommend Apple and their support and warranty coverage. It has been a very easy ownership experience!


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