A new hard drive

Published on 11/19/11

I was finally able to get the SSD that I have been wanting to get for quite some time now.

Let me just say that I am impressed with how fast it is. Things are just snappy and instant. I am very pleased.

The thing I am even more happy about right now is how quickly I was able to set up my work machine with the new drive. I did a brand-new clean install of osx lion. It used to be that it would take me days to get a new machine set up. This time however I had icloud to get all my contacts, calendar events, and music onto the new machine. My apps were a pretty quick install through the app store.

Even my development environment for Net-at-hand went together really fast thanks to homebrew and rvm. It used to take me about a day to get ruby and everything I needed installed. I spent less than an hour on it tonight and I am done and ready for bed.

Very happy.


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