(Not a) Review of the Pilot 78G

Published on 05/04/13

This is my last post on fountain pens for awhile (unless I win one of the drawings I’ve entered). I now have four pens, and this last little one is kind of special.

Pilot 78G

The pen body isn’t anything spectacular. It feels good, but it is a little light for my taste (the weight of the Pilot Metropolitan is about perfect).

It has a Pilot fine nib which is just spectacular. It is exactly what I was looking for. It’s decently wet for such a small nib, yet it is fine enough for me to do some nice small work and writing. It’s not nearly as buttery smooth as the medium nib on the Metropolitan, but it is plenty smooth, even on cheap paper.

I read somewhere that Pilot is discontinuing these pens. They are definitely hard to find on US sites. They are readily available on ebay though shipping from Asia. I got mine for $9.99 (with shipping from Hong Kong). It took a week to get here.

So I think I’ve found my main EDC pen. It works great. It’s looks nice without being pretentious. I’m a very happy boy.

My next purchase will be to get the supplies I need to restore my Esterbrook Dollar Pen. Then I’ll be done for awhile.


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