A plug for the Bible

I have been called a religious person. I go to church. I believe the Bible is true. I do my best to live my life based on the principles it teaches. However, I don’t consider myself to be a religious person because my “religious” life is all about a relationship with God. It’s not about what I do for God; it’s about what God did for me.

It’s either true or it’s not

If you and I were to sit down and discuss the Bible, it would not be wise to leave the discussion at “It might be ok for you, but it is not for me.”

The only reason it would be good for me is if it is true. If the Bible isn’t true then I should drop it as quickly as I can. There is no point in wasting any time following something that doesn’t exist.

If the Bible is true, however, as I believe it to be, then it isn’t just good for me, it is good for everyone. Not because I say it is, but because it says it is.

How can you know the Bible is true?

If you spend any amount of time reading the Bible you will notice several things. First, you will notice that the things it says make sense when viewed in light of the world around us both scientifically and historically. The Bible mentions things that were scientifically accurate before we knew they were. The Bible mentions historical peoples that we have just recently discovered. The more we discover in this world, the more it confirms what the Bible has said all along.

Another thing is that all the prophecies in the Bible that should have happened by now, have happened exactly as the Bible said they would. All of them.

The biggest thing, however, is that the Bible meets the spiritual need of every person. People do all kinds of things to find satisfaction. They try to get more things. They try to be more religious. They try to get every pleasure they can. The fact remains, however, that nothing outside of God will completely satisfy anyone. It is only God that can fill the longing that exists in every person.

But what about when “Christians” do/did [insert bad thing here]?

The unfortunate fact is that throughout history people have used the Bible to justify just about every action imaginable. Even today, people will claim to be on God’s side and doing God’s work when they do terrible things (like killing an abortion doctor).

Don’t lump together everyone who quotes the Bible. People (Christians included) who come to the Bible with an open mind, and a willingness to leave behind any pre-conceived ideas will, with God’s help, come to the truth for any given subject.

So what’s it all come down to?

It all comes down to Jesus. The Messiah. Jesus is God’s gift to the world to give mankind a means of not only getting to heaven, but a means of getting through this life with God as our Father. If you follow God’s plan for salvation, God will be your Father, your Protector, your Peace, your Help in Trouble. The list goes on and on.

I am not any great Bible apologist; I am not good at communicating big things. I’m just a guy who has found the God of the Bible and am working at building a growing, personal relationship with Him. Don’t get hung up on anything that I have said and loose sight of what’s true. The Bible is where to look for answers.

I haven’t listed any scripture verses here because if you are interested at all, you just need to start reading the Bible and see what you find (make sure you read at least through chapter 3). Remember, it is either true or it’s not. If you haven’t done so already, there will come a day when you will look back at your life and wish that you had taken a closer look, that you had not ignored someone because of what you thought you knew.

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